ICAN OTA Cluster Watch

The Concept of Cluster Watch In Ota District & Society

Above quote summarizes the importance of socialization among people in a society. Man cannot live without the support of each other and this is applicable to all human set-up. For every society to make progress, individuals would have to relate, contribute and support each other on one hand and support the host society on the other hand, not only for the interest of the society but even for the interest of each individual.

Towards realizing the fundamental relevance of individuals in our District, the Executive Committee under the leadership of Mr. Tokunbo Fadiji on Saturday, 18th May, 2019 considered a presentation from the then District Social Secretary, Adebukola Lambo on the concept of “Cluster Watch”.

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What is Cluster Watch?
It is a system of bringing few number of members together to form a group referred to as Cluster. A Cluster is therefore a group of few people, like between 10 and 15 members and with one of them serving as Cluster Head. For effective administration of the Clusters, the District Social Secretary serves as Clusters Coordinator. The number in each Cluster is however subject to review as we have more persons joining the District. At the inception of the system, we started with 10 Clusters and with an average of 10 members in each Cluster. As a result of our membership that is consistently increasing, the District presently has 12 Clusters with an average of 15 members per Cluster. In 2023, we did a review of the Cluster system and discovered there is need to have Assistant Cluster Heads.
Benefits of Cluster Watch
1. It provides a system of grassroot administration. Through the Cluster Heads, it is easy for the District to reach out to all members on issues affecting the District. 2. It creates a sense of belonging to members. The system enables the leadership of the District to get across to a member that may need special attention and get members involved in all District activities. 3. It provides a platform for grooming members for leadership responsibilities. In interacting with Cluster members, it helps Cluster Heads to develop experience and knowledge in managing people and such experiences can be of good use to the District in future. 4. It enhances more interaction among members. It makes it easier for members to identify each other even as members of the District.
Experience has shown that for the purpose of sustainability of the system, Cluster Heads as leaders need to be effective and efficient in discharging their responsibilities. The success of Cluster Watch System definitely means a huge success for the District. The District Coordinator of the clusters is Adebukola LAMBO