About ICAN OTA District Society

About Us

The dream of having a vibrant district society in Ota and it environ was materialized on 9th May, 2011 when the 46th ICAN president officially inaugurated OTA & DISTRICT SOCIETY OF ICAN (ODS)

The existence and steady moving, rapid growth of OTA & District Society is commending and so marvellous.

The journey actually started around July 2010 when some members who were living and working in Ota and environ came together and agreed to have a district in Ota rather than going to Lagos or Abeokuta.

The maiden meeting for the proposed Ota district society was held on 21/08/2010 at the Covenant University.

Covenant University played a significant role in birthing the district society by providing a conducive place of meeting. We are indeed grateful to Bishop David Oyedepo and Professor C. K Ayo the Vice Chancellor who accorded us all the courtesies to hold our meetings without restraints.

Thereafter, subsequent meetings were held while getting ready all necessary formalities with ICAN headquarters.

ODS’ appreciation to the 46th ICAN President, Maj. Gen. Sebastian Owuama Rtd, FCA for approving Ota and District Society and who always referred ICAN ODS as his last baby in office.


To be a bridge builder between Accountants and accounting information stakeholders


We are on a mission to develop intellectually, ethically, and technically competent global accountants.

Accuracy and Integrity

Aims & Objectives
The aims and objectives of the Society include the following:
To uphold the tenets of the Institute in the District
To support the members and students within the district as defined under section 1.3 of the bye law
To implement the policies of the Institute at the District level
To hold regular meetings of the Society and organise training, seminars and workshops for members
To organise events such as annual dinner, Annual General Meeting (AGM), etc
To disseminate other information of interest to members
To organise career talks for students in secondary and tertiary institutions
To follow up on members’ welfare and disputes’ resolution
To liaise with Communities, States & Local Governments and Institutions of higher learning on issues affecting the accountancy profession
To handle matters affecting the Institute and report back to the Institute
To establish and maintain libraries for the use of members and students.